2020-07-01 Second Chance, FTW!..
Slay the Spire.
I was lucky to have a relic that brought me back with 50% health if i died.
Give me another chance..

2016-01-29 Lucky!..
Steve had been grinding this area for a while and hadn't got what he needed.
Leave it to me...i'll get it first time, don't you worry..
And yeah, i titled the video with feel instead of sense..
I can sense it..!

2016-01-29 Frustration!..
Salt and Sanctuary.
Wahhhhhh waaaah, that's not fair.
Me crying about the game whilst i struggled with the witch of the lake.
This time, josephene..!

2016-01-29 DOH!..
This was me watching Tony hilariously try the classic Destiny jumping "puzzle"
At some point, i need to make an abbreviated version with just the jump attempts.

2015-11-28 All that is golden..
Diablo 3
So much treasure...
This was my first time seeing the vault.
Nailed it.

2015-11-28 KILL KILL KILL!!
Diablo 3
My first 200 kill streak in Diablo 3
My first 200 Kill Streak!