2022-06-26 I'm back!..
Almost three years to the day since i last did anything here.
Was talking to someone last night about old gaming videos, so i thought i'd add a section here to link to all my uploaded videos. I just created the layout and linked the first three as a test.
check out the new Gaming menu option..
2019-06-27 Padding..
before i break for today, i wanted to add another entry to test the inner div scrolling..
Hopefully this will be enough text for overflow to kick in..
..and another line, just in case ;)
2019-06-27 Progress..
Got a nice and simple menu that's easily editable if i need more items.
I've made the code somewhat modular too...makes for a tidy source to edit.
I'll probably start adding the other pages tomorrow if i have time..
Nice and clean!
Nice and clean!

2019-06-26 Progress..
Took me aaaaaaaages to get the divs all relative and absoluted the way i want them.
It's not entirely the way i want it, but i've just had enough for now..
2019-06-25 GAH!
I'm re-laying my site again. For the last 10 years it's been flash based. Seeing as that's old had, I thought that I'd put it out to pasture and redo it using goold old HTML and CSS (and a little javascript for good measure).